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Christmas 2014

Welcome to the
Christmas 2014 Rissington Rag
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if you REALLY don’t want ever to receive it again THE GOOD NEWS : 2014 has seen Rissington’s occupancies rise yet again ...
THE BAD NEWS : You need to book early to get into your favourite hostelry ...
A Year in the Life of an HotelierSaint Bob Geldof, who is currently occupied with finding a cure for Ebola (or he was until his mate Bono fell off his bicycle on rough terrain in Central Park, New York City) famously – and rather fatuously – said ‘There won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas time’. No doubt he is right, apart from the Snows of Kilimanjaro. But we also have to break it to you that Christmas snow is still more likely than a Christmas card from South Africa this year. The Post Office has been on strike for over three months.
Although the (non-)workers have just decided to go b…